Mr. Mohammad Anwar Mirza

Mr. Mohammad Anwar Mirza

Mr. Mohammad Anwar Mirza is a Chief Executive Officer of Binanwar Private Limited.

He is a very seasoned and a very senior technical expert in TVET. He attained the skill of Mechanical Engineering from different public and private organizations. He is a very senior expert of many fields of Mechanical Engineering, has 55 years of vast and rich experience in this field since 1951. He has served at very important positions with national and international private organizations, firms and companies and has successfully completed many mega mechanical projects since the initial years of Pakistan.

His main skill and expertise has been in the fields of Mechanical Section of the Auto Sector of the organizations, dealing with auto parts, repair and maintenance and operations of the logistics, mostly with Inter Home during the construction of Prime Minster Secretariat of Pakistan, Prime Minster House and President House etc. He has supervised the operation of the Mechanical Workshop of Mercedes Benzes in Pakistan. Established Anwar Engineering Company in 1970 and assisted in the establishment of the Pepsi Cola Plant in Islamabad as a technical Expert. Installed all the fountains in Islamabad and Rawalpindi including PM and President House. Established all steel making plants and steel making furnaces in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Made designing and installed air condition systems, installed Slaughter Houses and currently dealing with converting of coal into gas to meet the burning market needs. The list of his achievement and projects completed as a technical expert is very long but only mega projects are mentioned here.


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