Livelihood Support

Livelihood portrays the capacity and capability of a person, family, and even a community for their survival and existence.Pakistan that has already dearth of financial resources, and shrinking job opportunities in public sector , it seems vital to promote small and medium enterprise for self-employment and business generations. The experience demonstrated that majority of the financial services projects and initiatives focus on the provision of loans or training without enhancing the market linkages and technology development are not beneficial for the clients.

Small scale and medium scale enterprises contribute significantly to the economy of any country, but unfortunately the available service providers are far behind the market expectations and trends. The need of hour is to develop innovative and high value addition services that can cater the big market of Small Scale Entrepreneurs particularly in case of the communities that are being served by Pakistani organisations. There are opportunities to turn this challenge into opportunities by enhancing and developing the skills of these SMEs and home-based entrepreneurs especially female.