Technical Vocational Education and Training

Bin Anwar (Pvt.) Ltd. Offers technical and vocational services to people who wants to equip themselves with technical skills and courses which will develop and upgrade their inner capabilities.One of the main objectives of the Bin Anwar Consultancy (Pvt.) is to remove the existing gaps between market demands, skills training and education. It will contribute to the improvement of the market-friendly regulations including private sector investment by providing a platform for quality training to public and private sector.

We provide ‘hands on’ practical training and qualified professional guidance for both basic learners and experienced individuals. Trainees are provided with a progressive learning experience starting from basic safety practices, plumbing drawing, CAD, cutting and bending of pipes and making pipe joints. The course also includes laying and carrying out pipe work for domestic water services.

The level of involvement of private sector in providing the technical education and vocational training's does not go in line with the national level needs. There are a huge number of private technical and vocational schools and institutes that have been founded on a preliminary market assessment basis, do not follow any minimum academic standards and do not fall under the national education development programs.

In order to deliver world-class technical training, Bin Anwar is a certified training providers from Skill development Council Government of Pakistan. We provide hands on training and industrial exposures on entrepreneurship, Poultry farming, fiber glass molding, screen printing, fabric printing, carpenter, welding, computer technician and accounting.

People are trained in the field of Fabrication, Welding and Pipe work by an internationally recognized curriculum enabling them to secure jobs in a variety of fields, such as the Oil and Gas Sector, Automobile Industry, Construction Sector etc. Instrumentation and assembling of equipment and hands on training on PLCs, designing and assembling of printed circuits, micro controller and microprocessor boards is offered as well. The training also includes up-grades, expansion, debugging and fault rectification of industrial devices and defective systems.

Trainees are taught to read construction drawings and to identify and understand properties of different types of materials. Trainees are taught to use and handle power tools, hand tools and machines, safely and efficiently. Trowel handling skills are developed along with the basic wall building and paving techniques. In addition, mixing of concrete and mortar, laying bricks and blocks are also included.